Water well drilling rig operation precautions! ! !

2023/06/03 16:32

The operation technology of the water well drilling rig must be cautious. In order to avoid accidents during the operation, the following will introduce the precautions for the construction operation of the water well drilling rig at work, hoping to help everyone.

1. water well drilling rig workers must master the operation essentials and comprehensive maintenance knowledge of the drilling rig, and have considerable experience in troubleshooting.

2. When shipping water well drilling rigs, safety inspections must be carried out. The components of the drilling rig must be complete, and the cables must be free from leakage, drill pipes, and drilling tools. When entering the construction site, the drilling rig must be fixed, the area of the drilling site must be larger than the rig base, and there must be enough safe space around it.

3. The water well drilling rig must be constructed in strict accordance with the hole position, orientation, angle, hole depth, etc., and the drilling rig operator is not allowed to modify it without authorization. When installing the drill pipe, check the water well drilling rig to ensure that the drill pipe is not clogged, bent, or threaded, and unqualified drill pipes are strictly prohibited from being used.

4. When clear water drilling is used, no water supply is allowed before drilling, and the pressure can only be drilled after the water returns, and sufficient flow must be ensured. Dry holes are not allowed, and rock powder in the hole is not allowed. For a long time, the water volume should be increased to extend the pumping time, and the drilling can only be stopped after the hole has been flushed.

5. During the drilling process, the distance must be accurately measured. Generally, the drill pipe must be measured every 10 meters drilled or when the drilling tool is changed to verify the hole depth. Check whether the gearbox, shaft sleeve, horizontal and vertical shaft gears are overheated, and whether there is abnormal sound. Stop the machine immediately if any problem is found, find out the cause, and deal with it in time.

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