What are the advantages of core drilling rigs?

2023/06/06 14:44

Core drilling rigs are mainly suitable for diamond and cemented carbide exploration and drilling of solid deposits, and can also be used for drilling in engineering geology and underwater exploration, as well as ventilation and drainage of mine tunnels.

The advantages of core drilling rigs are as follows:

1. The core drilling rig is very light and flexible during operation, and its equipment is reliable and reliable. The structure of the core drilling rig is compact and simple.

2. The core drilling rig mainly adopts hydraulic drive and modularization during the production process. The structure of the whole equipment is reliable and easy to operate, so that the labor intensity can be reduced to a certain extent and it is more humanized;

3. The drilling tower of the core drilling rig has a novel structure and is normal. The angle of the drilling tower can be adjusted in the range of 45°~90°. The drilling rig can drill inclined holes from -45°~-90°. risks of.

4. The core drilling rig is very suitable for cutting large environments in mountainous terrain or construction in forest areas during operation. The installation of the core drilling rig only needs to work on a flat site with a size of 4 X 4 meters or less, and there is no need to build temporary transportation roads. Solve the massive excavation of earthwork or felling more trees when leveling the machine platform, and reduce the damage to vegetation and the environment.

5. The diamond bit of the core drilling rig has a higher speed and the drilling tool is more stable to cut the rock, which greatly shortens the exploration period and reduces the cost.

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