Water well drilling rig is an important tool for groundwater well exploration and exploitation. It penetrates underground rock and soil layers by rotating drill pipes and bits, thereby obtaining groundwater resources. Understanding how a water well drilling rig works is essential to using and
2023/07/15 17:25
Core drilling rigs are mainly suitable for diamond and cemented carbide exploration and drilling of solid deposits, and can also be used for drilling in engineering geology and underwater exploration, as well as ventilation and drainage of mine tunnels.The advantages of core drilling rigs are as
2023/06/06 14:44
The operation technology of the water well drilling rig must be cautious. In order to avoid accidents during the operation, the following will introduce the precautions for the construction operation of the water well drilling rig at work, hoping to help everyone.1. Water well drilling rig workers
2023/06/03 16:32
With the upward thrust of large-scale tasks in my country, a number drilling rigs are regularly used, and Water Well Drilling Rigs are used to deal with water wells. It is frequently used to drill water wells and whole operations such as downhole pipes and nicely washing. The operation is very
2023/03/20 09:41
Generally, there are three sorts of rotary drilling rig, influence drilling rig and composite drilling rig.Rotary drillThe gap is fashioned by using breaking the rock stratum by way of the rotary movement of the drilling tool. It often consists of giant and small pot cone drills, superb and reverse
2023/03/20 09:34
       1. Operators ought to be given the education and training of the manufacturer, have a full perception of the shape and overall performance of the drilling rig, and reap positive operation and renovation trip earlier than running the machine. The product operation and upkeep guide furnished 
2023/03/20 09:22
1. Power system is the equipment that provides energy for the whole rig;2. Working system: equipment that works according to process requirements;3. Transmission system is the equipment that transmits, transmits and distributes energy for the working unit;4. Control system, control all systems and
2023/02/10 10:47
1. Hydraulic oil pump: it is a duplex type. The large displacement pump provides power for the power head, and the small displacement pump provides power for four outrigger cylinders, landing mast cylinders, and afterburner/lifting pulley cylinders. 2. Four outriggers: small drilling equipment
2023/02/10 10:38
Generally, there are three types of rotary drilling rig, impact drilling rig and composite drilling rig.Rotary drillThe hole is formed by breaking the rock stratum by the rotary motion of the drilling tool. It mainly includes large and small pot cone drills, positive and reverse circulation rotary
2023/02/10 10:19
The following issues should be paid attention to when drilling with a pneumatic water well drilling rig:(1) blow holeThe test shows that when the air drill is drilling normally, observe the discharge of rock powder and cuttings at the hole and the footage. When the powder discharge and footage are
2023/02/06 16:55
  1. Operators should accept the training and guidance of the manufacturer, have a full understanding of the structure and performance of the drilling rig, and obtain certain operation and maintenance experience before operating the machine. The product operation and maintenance manual provided by
2022/09/02 11:49
With the rise of large-scale projects in my country, various drilling rigs are frequently used, and Water Well Drilling Rigs are used to deal with water wells. It is mainly used to drill water wells and complete operations such as downhole pipes and well washing. The operation is very simple. In
2022/09/02 11:38