Precautions during operation of Water Well Drilling Rig

2022/09/02 11:38

With the rise of large-scale projects in my country, various drilling rigs are frequently used, and Water Well Drilling Rigs are used to deal with water wells. It is mainly used to drill water wells and complete operations such as downhole pipes and well washing. The operation is very simple. In order to operate more safely, The following is an introduction to the precautions for the operation of the Water Well drilling rig:

  1. Drillers must have received special training and have certain work experience before they can work;

  2. The driller must master the operation essentials of the drill and the comprehensive maintenance knowledge, and have considerable experience in troubleshooting;

  3. Before shipping the drilling rig, a full inspection must be carried out. The parts of the drilling rig must be complete, the cables must be free from leakage, and the drill pipes and drilling tools must not be damaged;

  4. The drilling rig should be installed firmly, and the corners or ramps should be slow and fixed with steel wires;

  5. When entering the construction site, the drilling rig should be fixed, the area of the drilling site should be larger than the rig base, and there should be enough safe space around;

  6. When drilling, it must be constructed strictly in accordance with the hole position, orientation, angle, and depth of the hole, and the driller cannot modify it without authorization;

  7. When installing the drill pipe, check the drill to make sure that the drill pipe is not blocked, bent, and the thread is not worn. Unqualified drill pipes are strictly forbidden to use;

  8. When loading and unloading the drill bit, strictly prevent the pipe clamp from pinching the cemented carbide sheet, and strictly preventing the flat drill bit and the core tube;

  9. When installing the drill pipe, you must install the second one after the first one is installed;

10. When drilling with clean water, no water supply is allowed before drilling, and pressure can only be drilled after the water returns, and sufficient flow must be ensured. Dry holes are not allowed to be drilled. When there is a lot of rock powder in the hole, increase the water volume and extend the pump Time, stop drilling only after the holes are actually punched;

  11. The distance must be accurately measured during drilling. Generally, it must be measured every 10 meters of drilling or when changing drilling tools.

Drill pipe to verify hole depth;

  12. Whether there is any over-temperature phenomenon in the gearbox, shaft sleeve, horizontal and vertical shaft gear, etc., whether there is any abnormal sound, if the problem is found, the machine should be shut down immediately, find the cause, and deal with it in time;

Water Well Drilling Rig

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